Honors Program

The TU Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for graduating high school seniors with exceptional academic records and a spirit of intellectual curiosity.

The University of Tulsa Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for graduating high school seniors with exceptional academic records and a spirit of intellectual curiosity. The Honors Program engages students in a critical examination of the major epochs and ideas of Western thought and culture through careful study of primary texts. Students explore the moral and political commitments, scientific achievements, and artistic sensibilities that have shaped the modern world.

The Honors Program reflects and reinforces the educational values and course requirements of the Tulsa Curriculum. The difference is that Honors Program students complete six integrated courses taken in chronological sequence, from the Ancient through Medieval, Renaissance, Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment periods. One course is taken each semester, and each course counts toward one of the block course requirements that all University of Tulsa students must fulfill.

Because the courses in the Honors Program are credited to the student’s general curriculum and elective requirements, the Honors Program course of study is compatible with any major in any academic discipline offered by The University of Tulsa. The Honors Program is a good place for students in engineering, the sciences, and business to bring breadth and depth to their education. It enables students in the fine and performing arts to locate their own artistic efforts in historical context. And it offers students in the humanities and the social sciences a chance to integrate their studies, to see how ideas and institutions emerge and influence each other.

Honors Program students have diverse aspirations. They are united by their love of ideas and conversation and by their conviction that the present cannot be understood without confronting the great ideas of the past. Students in the program are not passive recipients of inherited wisdom, and Honors Program professors are not content to leave established beliefs unexamined. Honors courses tend to feature lively discussion and debate about primary texts. Participation in the program thus requires a generous spirit of commitment and courage on the part of both students and faculty. The close working relationships that develop between them are essential to the success of the Honors Program and are among the most rewarding college experiences.

Participation in the Honors Program is by admission only. Students interested in the Honors Program should submit a separate application to the Honors Program Office. Successfully applicants for the program usually score in the 95th percentile of the ACT or SAT examination, have a GPA of at least 3.5, or rank in the top 10 percent of their graduating class.

Students admitted to the Honors Program receive an academic scholarship for each year they take part in the Honors Program. They are also eligible for Honors housing; the Honors Suites provide the opportunity to live with other students who share the rewards and challenges of the Honors curriculum.