Administration Staff

Information Technology Administration Office


Richard Kearns

Vice President for Information Services and CIO

Office: McFarlin Library, Rm PL204
Phone: (918) 631-3075


Sarah Sparks

IT Budget and Planning Officer

Office: McFarlin Library, Rm PL200
Phone: (918) 631-2352


Janet Cairns

Director of Academic Technology Services

Office: McFarlin Library, Rm 400
Phone: (918) 631-3101


Martin Page

Director of Administrative Information Services

Office: Zink Hall, Rm 134
Phone: (918) 631-2698

  • Leads the Administrative Computing support team, providing user support for the administrative systems
  • Coordinates administrative computer system installation, implementation, operation, maintenance and upgrades
  • Coordinates the integration of the administrative systems with other central and departmental computer systems on campus
  • Assists departments in using the administrative systems to meet their business needs
  • Evaluates new functionality that becomes available for the administrative systems
  • Processes user authorization requests and manages user login credentials for the administrative systems
  • Manages the Administrative Computing web site

Tricia Moreland

Director of Networking and Communication Services

Office: Zink Hall, Rm 135
Phone: (918) 631-3292

  • Director of Networking and Communication Services
  • Supervises the following departments: Networking Services, Phone Services, and Card Services
  • Research, evaluate and plan for the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of critical communication systems and infrastructure
  • Responsible for the engineering, maintenance, and operation of the campus systems and infrastructure for voice, data, video, and card service communications
  • Develop and administer strategic and technical plans as they relate to the campus network infrastructure and use